Ricky Wong

Design + Development

Ricky is a designer and developer with over ten years of professional experience.

Having worked for various studios across London, Ricky has been able to experience a wide range of projects from concept stage to production. He combines classic training in design with fluency in technology to solve the unique challenges of each project.

He has worked with many organisations, including Act Build Change, Elephant Family, International SOS, Kick It Out, Myeloma UK, NHS, The FA, and Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

Earlier in his career, he was a key designer on the Ideas in Motion campaign for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, which helped to reduce cars on the road around congested Southend and won various national awards.

More recently, he worked with Outlandish to design and develop digital tools for the Wellcome Sanger Institute’s genome sequencing programmes for malaria and COVID-19.

After starting life in Dublin, Ricky grew up in Newcastle before plying his trade in London. He now resides in York with his wife, Steph (although he has retained a Geordie accent). His Chinese name means to learn and be diligent – an expectation he attempts to fulfil daily(!)

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