The life of a design project

People interact with design everyday. Yet, the craft of design often rightfully goes unnoticed – like the camera angles in a great film. Here, you can find out about the process behind the scenes, and what to expect when we are working together.



First, we establish all the details of the project: what the desired outcomes are, why we are doing it, who it is aimed at, how much time and money it might need, and when it can be done by. This is where we do all of the initial project planning and get a direction for the design.



After gaining as much information as possible from the brief, it is then time to do some extra research. This will involve learning about your business and industry, scoping out similar brands and competition, and learning about your audience and customers. I will learn as much as possible about your field to inform ideas and designs.



This is the inventing stage, where elements from the brief and research are cooked up into the best possible ideas. Lots of ideas will be created and considered, and many thrown away. Only the best ones will be presented to you. This is still a rough stage to give you a taster of ideas and styles, before we invest fully in the idea that is right for you.



After seeing your brief brought to life in the concept stage, you can choose a design and provide feedback on what you think does and doesn’t work. From here we will refine and invest time in the idea that you like. This may require a few back and forth stages of feedback and development until we come to the final design.



Now it’s time to take those designs and make them official. Whether the project is to be printed, digital, or both, you will need all the right file types for each situation. You want to make sure your colours are correct and images are sharp. I have plenty of experience creating production-ready files, so you don’t need to know the difference between a JPEG and a PNG.



If your project needs printing or made into a website, this is where the final bit of magic happens. The design files are turned into actual items you can share with the world. Here, I can help you find the right printer, paper and techniques to make the most of the budget and artwork. I can also build your website or work with other developers to get you online.



That’s not all folks… I won’t sail off into the sunset after the job is over. Sometimes the prints haven’t arrived, you need training to manage your new website, or perhaps you just need general ongoing advice. I’m always here to help where I can; ask me anything.