The Pledge

Ricky Wong Ltd. pledges to donate 5% of revenue (total income before expenses and tax deductions) to charitable causes.

Revenue is assessed monthly and the donation amount is divided equally to the causes outlined below.

The causes may be subject to change at any time.

Where donations go

Donations are currently going to charitable funds ran by regranting organisations. These organisations then choose which charities and organisations to donate the money to.

These particular funds have been chosen for their ongoing research in finding opportunities that have the most impact per money spent and are assessed regularly.

The regranting organisations do not use the funds to pay for the running of their organisations and are funded separately.

Please learn more about these great causes and consider making a pledge.

Founders Pledge – Global Health & Development Fund

From the Global Health & Development Fund page:

While many of us have a higher life expectancy than our parents and grandparents, and while we expect to have greater wealth than generations before us, millions of people live in poverty, and billions more struggle to get by. They cannot access basic healthcare and vaccinations, making them far more vulnerable to deadly diseases. They cannot access quality education to strengthen their economic future.

The Global Health & Development Fund (GHDF) aims to:

  • Significantly improve the lives of the world's most vulnerable people;
  • Eliminate deaths from easily preventable disease;
  • Support sustainable, systemic change.

Founders Pledge – The Climate Change Fund

From the The Climate Change Fund page:

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. It’s an incredibly complex problem born out of how we produce and consume energy; and it is intertwined with challenges of economic development, energy poverty, and emissions-fueled air pollution. It is an environmental and humanitarian crisis we must urgently address.

Climate change is not neglected. Every year, over $1 trillion of social spending and $10 billion in philanthropic donations is spent on it. But the biases and blindspots of traditional, mainstream solutions mean much of that money isn’t doing as much good as it could.

Our Climate Change Fund (CCF) exists to leverage each dollar and fund the most effective, neglected climate solutions. Through the Fund, we:

  • Accelerate innovation in neglected technologies
  • Catalytically grow the most effective climate organizations
  • Promote policy leadership and paradigm shaping